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Bathroom plumbing in Toxteth

Our bathroom plumbers can attend to provide a quote for a new bathroom suite, or repair and investigate any problems with your existing bathroom installation, such as leaks, blockages, sealant issues or low water pressure.

Kitchen plumbing in Toxteth

Whatever kitchen plumbing requirements you have H2K Services can help! from adding a new water feed for your fridge or plumbing for a washing machine/dishwaser and when it comes to your new kitchen design, H2K advise to establish these at the onset of your kitchen planning. In so-doing, you can establish a design that feasibly accommodates kitchen plumbing needs, avoiding the disappointment of a kitchen that will not work further down the line. Plumbing needs for your new kitchen may prove quite complex as you will have hot and cold water feed pipes, drainage pipes, drainage connections to your ‘soil’ pipe, and possibly also plumbing requirements for a heating system.
H2K Services are there for from the beginning till the end.

Outdoor Plumbing in Toxteth

An outdoor tap makes it easy to access every little corner of your garden without having to resort to an excessively long hose. If yours is a large garden, you’ll appreciate having an outside tap that can water your garden minus the headache of a long hose or running to and from the house!
Before you decide exactly where you want to install your outdoor tap, carefully determine what you want to use it for. Decide whether it will be used more to wash your vehicle(s) or paved driveway than to water your garden.
If you’re unsure as to where you want the tap located – H2K Services can help you decide. Don’t delay – give us a call today!

Pipe Lagging/insulation in Toxteth

Lagging water tanks and pipes reduces the amount of heat that escapes, so you spend less money heating water up, and hot water stays hotter for longer.
Insulating your hot water cylinder is one of the easiest ways to save energy and therefore money. If you already have a jacket fitted, check that it's at least 75mm thick. If not, it's worth treating your cylinder to a new winter coat.Fitting a British Standard jacket around your cylinder will cut heat loss by over 75% and save you around £40 a year!
Worried about your cold water pipes freezing? cold water pipe insulation is highly recommended for homes who have had loft insulation fitted - loft insulations stops heat escaping from your home into the loft and a consequence of this is that your loft is a lot colder than it normally would be in an un-insulated home. Insulating your cold pipes can save you the distress of having burst pipe during the winter.

Dripping taps or valves and Blocked sinks an toilets in Toxteth

Tap Repair
Dripping or leaking taps can be more than an annoyance; they can also lead to further problems including damage to your property. Our plumbers can attend your property to isolate any severe leaks in the shortest time possible.
When you need a tap repaired, our Plumber will first diagnose what is causing the dripping or leak, and then carry out the recommended repair. Our Plumbers carry a range of materials (including tap washers) and stock to tackle most tap problems during the first visit.
Where we are unable to repair a tap, or it is uneconomical to do so, our plumber will advise on the cost of a direct tap replacement and availability.

When to call a plumber to unblock your sink or toilet
If a plunger doesn’t clear the blockage it’s a good idea to give us a call to arrange a convenient time to visit your home and fix the problem. It’s likely that the blockage is located further down the drainage system and more difficult to reach. Fixing the problem could entail dismantling!
We fix blocked sinks and loo’s on a regular basis so are well equipped with all the necessary tools to clear the blockage quickly and get you back to normal.

Saniflo/Macerator servicing in Toxteth

A blocked or overflowing saniflo/macerator is usually caused by a foreign object and can often cause the motor to become jammed, resulting in it being unable to pump water through the system and flush.
Limescale is another, not so common, cause of a blockage. If you live in a hard water area we suggest that you descale your system at least twice a year to minimise limescale build up.
If your system is making noises, vibrating, won’t turn on or off, is leaking or has pump problems, it might be time to call in an expert who can professionally diagnose the problem and offer expert advice on how to ensure that it doesn’t happen again in the future.
If your existing system is very old, or beyond repair, we can offer new installations at very competitive prices, just get in contact with our engineer.

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