Blocked gutters damage your property

Prevent water ingress and damp.

Gutter clearing and cleaning

Gutters won’t clean themselves, and if you don’t maintain your gutters then you risk long-term damage to your property.

Without regular gutter cleaning and maintenance, leaves, dirt and other material can build up in the gutter channel, blocking the gutter. If this happens, when it rains, water will overflow onto the building.

The results can mean damage to stonework and window frames. You can also end up having damp patches appearing inside your property, where the water has persistently run down the outside wall. Water damage can even end up undermining building foundations.

Act now to avoid having to spend a lot more on building repairs or redecoration later.

Cost Effective Gutter Cleaning in the North West.

We’ll look after your gutters. H2K Services specialises in gutter cleaning, gutter repair, Fascia and Soffit painting and we install new gutters. We’re efficient and effective, and we keep your costs down, because we know we’re providing an essential service to homes and businesses.

Keeping Your Gutters in Peak Condition

 Keeping gutters clear and unblocked sometimes isn’t enough to ensure they’re in peak condition. If your gutters need repairing we can carry out this work. If they’re looking a bit worn and scruffy we’re happy to paint them for you. Where gutters have deteriorated to an extent that they’re no longer effective we offer a full gutter install service.

We provide cost effective, professional property maintenance – give us a call on 07531522765 / 01513241424 or email for a quote. We think you’ll be happily surprised at our prices.

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We know that you will be completely satisfied with our work so call us or get in touch to book an appointment.

We are fully Insured and DBS checked ✔.

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