Wired networking services

Business and Residential stuctured networking.

Residential and Small businesses get hard wired for better performance and security.

H2K Services structured data cabling services are ideal for home and small businesses. Labour costs for installation of either Category 5e and Category 6 cabling are identical. It is therefore the difference in materials to consider. Currently the material cost differential for a 55 meter run of cable component cost (including data cable, modules and termination) makes Cat6 £2.55 per meter more to install than Cat5e. Future proofing your installation seriously consider the higher performance cable for greater transfer rates.

Why shouldn't you DIY or let an electrician install your data cabling?
"Possibility to pull too hard on the data cable, causing it to tear or bend."
"Improper support of the data cable in the ceiling causing it to droop and stretch."
"Incorrect termination of the data cabling. This causes it to fail its certification."

Home Structured Network Ethernet and Multimedia Cabling

I install High speed Network and multimedia cabling for lots of businesses and domestic residential customers, link your internet connection and extend the network through your property. Hard wired WIFI Access points to ensure conectivity to anywhere and everywhere.

Correctly installed cabling is much faster, reliable than wireless and completely secure.

I can wire from just a few cables to complete networks, we can provide network design advice for new build properties and refurbishment projects or to add connectivity to any part of your home.

The benefits of working with me is that I can provide a one stop solution for your cabling networking and multimedia distribution requirements.

  • Home and Business network cabling installed Cat 5e & Cat 6 +
  • SKY Q Extended reliably
  • HDMI and AV Distribution systems
  • Coaxial cabling for satellite and TV distribution
  • Improve wireless coverage inside and outside your home with wired High Speed Access points installed
  • CCTV System installations and upgrades supported
  • Connections for smart TV's
  • Connections for You View and Sky Boxes as well as any Networkable devices
  • Relocate infinity sockets and Virgin
  • Multi-room Video & Audio and Speaker wiring

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At H2K Services, you can be assured that all our services are carried out to the very highest standard.

We will always ensure that you receive a high quality service that is both safe and trustworthy.

We also provide quality reviews of all jobs undertaken, to ensure that they have been completed within an acceptable time frame and to the highest possible standards.

We know that you will be completely satisfied with our work so call us or get in touch to book an appointment.

We are fully Insured and DBS checked ✔.

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