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Both Residential and Business customers supported.

Specialist Wifi Installation Company.

H2K Services is an established Wifi installation company and have been installing high spec wifi 2010.

Residential customers

If you’re experiencing weak WiFi Signals on your existing Wireless Network and have WiFi black spot areas at home, office or through out your business premises, then get in touch with our wifi specialist engineer. We can easily boost, extend and increase the coverage or range of your WiFi Signals by installing various Cat6 Ethernet Cabling and Enterprise WiFi Access Points in the weaker WiFi areas of your home or office that will not just eliminate any poor Wireless Coverage issues that you may have, but increase your download speeds throughout the building/buildings.

From conducting wireless surveys at your property preparing affordable solutions and working within a budget, H2K Services will find a wifi system which is both suitable and effective for you.

Home WiFi Installation Service, "Wireless networks that work".

WiFi is now very much part of our daily lives, many of our devices such as Computers, Tablets, PS4/XBOX, Smartphones, Smart 4K TV’s and even our Heating Systems work on a Wireless or WiFi Access Point connection. If the WiFi Router is in the far end of your home or business premises, it may not be enough to provide a WiFi Signal for all devices.

Business WiFi / Small Business Wireless Solutions.

H2K Services provides professional Business WiFi network solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, ensuring full coverage & network security.

Businesses can benifit from new or upgraded WiFi:

✔ A fast, secure private network for your business plus if needed a separate public network for customers.

✔ Connect any device – desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, … etc

✔ Seamless zone to zone transition – we aim to give you 100% coverage throughout you property.

✔ Private WiFi – a private/secure WiFi connection for your business or property.

✔ If you are Small Business or have a property with black spots and poor connectivity homes and businesses.

If you have a Small Business or home we can help you get a wireless (WiFi) solution that is tailored specifically for your needs. We will usually do an initial consultation and then a Wi-Fi site survey to see what your needs are. From there, we identify where the best locations for your Wireless Access Points (AP) will be. Our qualified WiFi engineers will then fit all the equipment at a time that suits you.

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At H2K Services, you can be assured that all our services are carried out to the very highest standard.

We will always ensure that you receive a high quality service that is both safe and trustworthy.

We also provide quality reviews of all jobs undertaken, to ensure that they have been completed within an acceptable time frame and to the highest possible standards.

We know that you will be completely satisfied with our work so call us or get in touch to book an appointment.

We are fully Insured and DBS checked ✔.

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